Winter suit "Gorka Stalker" (RIP-Stop)

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Comfortable mountain Suit Gorka "Stalker" (for winter) is intended for use in summer, autumn and spring. It was developed by the company "Prival" on the basis of the windproof variant of "Gorka-5". The fabric is resistant to contamination and cleans perfectly.

The set co-opts all the necessary elements of modern military equipment. Made of only quality materials and due attention to all the peculiarities. Although the model is developed on the basis of "Gorka-5", it differs from it in design, functionality, complexity and quality of performance, materials and accessories.

The product is made of high-quality cotton rip-stop (50% polyester - 50% cotton, density 240 g /m2). The fabric is much more durable than the ordinary fabric, since it uses a special weaving of nylon threads. It has a high breaking strength and does not "creep" in case of a cut. The sewing is made with special reinforced threads.

The set comes with a jacket and trousers with special suspenders (braces).


Classic cut with a double-sided zipper and a windproof flap on the Velcro. The zippers are equipped with suspensions for easy handling even when in gloves.

The hood comes with a high neck and adjustments for volume and height. The cuffs have two buttons for full tightening. The waist and the bottom of the jacket come with adjustable bands. The front part has 2 flap pockets with buttons, inside of which there are pockets for small items. There is a couple of pockets on the chest and a pair of pockets on the sleeves just above the elbow. The back side has a large pocket with 2 zippers for flat large-format attachments (such as terrain maps or documents).


The trousers with suspenders and a high waist fasten with a zipper and buttons. Pockets are on the sides, as well as there are 2 flap pockets on the hips. The trousers can be worn with a belt or suspenders.

Thermal lining : Fiber

Lowest temperature for use : -20°С

Provision on colour or tincture of items:

  1. Each suit has its own tincture: either more olive, or more of "khaki". This is within the tolerances of the manufacturer and depends on the particular batch of material for sewing;
  2. Colours and tincture in the photos posted on the site also usually appear differently. It depends on the settings of each particular monitor, the configuration of the operating system of your computer or mobile device.

Attention! If the below listed recommendations fail to be observed, it is very likely that you can damage the suit and will also receive a refusal for any replacement or return of the goods.

  1. All the "Gorka" suits are to be washed only by hand and, the best, with a use of cleansing substances intended for delicate washing;
  2. Do not use a conditioner or softener when washing!
  3. It is best to wash in cold water (not more than 20°C).

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