About Us

Our store offers Russian made camouflage clothing of a wide variety of colour schemes and fabrics.

It is an up-to-date military camouflage schemes: flora, pixel, digits, which are used in the Russian military forces and security services. Natural camouflage patterns: birch, oak, rush are to be offered to devotees of hunting, fishing, hiking and tourism. Large selection of special footwear: army high boots, army boots, fisherman’s overshoes and specialized winter footwear.

Thermal insulated suits will keep you warm in cold spells, whereas antiencephalitic ones will prevent you from mosquitoes and ticks. In addition to all of the above, do find a variety of caps, T-shirts, rucksacks and vests. The camouflage suits are highly popular among fanciers of paintball games and followers of military style.

We are always happy to extend our product collection to meet your requirements.

Welcome to our store!