Suit "Gorka 3K" BARS

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Suit "Gorka 3K" BARS

Modification of the Weather-proof Mountain Suit "Gorka-3", designed for the conditions of everyday between-seasons field wear. The suit reflects up-to-date national concept of a weather-proof suit for special forces units. "These suits can be seen both on a machine gunner of an air search attack unit, on a Federal Security Service special agent, and on a sniper of the special forces squad – the efficient thing is definitely to everyone’s liking, it has become a kind of symbol of belonging to " war workers". [The magazine" Military Intelligence " ]

Having co-opted all the best from the prototype suit, this modification is characterized bysome enhanced characteristics. Thus, the upper layers of the shoulder area and the middle part of the hood, in addition to the typical reinforcement pads, are made of rain-wear blended fabric, which increases these areas’ resistance to soaking. The absence of the shoulder seam excludes leakage along the seam in this zone. The flaps of the sleeve pockets and the back jetted pockets of the trousers are made in a triangular shape, which considerably reduces the bending of the edge corners of the flap. The combination of camouflage pads and the main tentage fabric of khaki colour allows human silhouette identification at remote distances.

Suit "Gorka 3" BARS consists of:

  • Jacket;
  • Trousers;
  • Suspenders (when the order is delivered find the suspenders(braces) in a pocket of the jacket or that of the trousers).

Provision on colour or tincture of items:
1. Each suit has its own tincture: either more olive, or more of "khaki". This is within the tolerances of the manufacturer and depends on the particular batch of material for sewing.
2. Colours and tincture in the photos posted on the site also usually appear differently. It depends on the settings of each particular monitor, the configuration of the operating system of your computer or mobile device.

Attention! If the below listed recommendations fail to be observed, it is very likely that you can damage the suit and will also receive a refusal for any replacement or return of the goods.
1. All the "Gorka" suits are to be washed only by hand and, the best, with a use of cleansing substances intended for delicate washing.
2. Do not use a conditioner or softener when washing!
3. It is best to wash in cold water (not more than 20C).

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