Suit Gorka 3 FSB (black)

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Suit Gorka 3 FSB (black)


  • of the boot cut;
  • central fly front, hinged and on buttons;
  • yoke, sheets and pockets of the decorating tissue;
  • two lower jetted patches with the lap, hinged and on buttons;
  • inside escape pocket on button;
  • there is one patch cross pocket on the arms with the lap, hinged and on buttons;
  • in the area of elbow - reinforcement fashioned sheets;
  • bottom of the arms - on the band;
  • dual hood, hooded, has a tighten self-belt for the regulation on volume;
  • sit for the waist using the crank arms;


  • of the boot cut;
  • fly piece hinged and on buttons;
  • two top pockets in the side seams;
  • in the area of knees, at the back half of the trousers in the area of the sitting, which reinforce the sheets;
  • two side bellows patches with the lap;
  • two back bellows fashioned patches on buttons;
  • cutting of the details in the area of the knees holds back to its stretching;
  • Dustproof skirt of the coarse at the bottom of the trousers;
  • back half under knee is collected with the shirring;
  • belt on the band;
  • bottom on the band;

The kepi is outside the scope of supply!

Material: "Tent cloth" (100% cotton), 270 g/m2.

Material of the cover: For blending "RIP-Stop" (65% polyester, 35% cotton), 210 g/m2.

Color: black

Season: summer

Provision on colour or tincture of items:

  1. Each suit has its own tincture: either more olive, or more of "khaki". This is within the tolerances of the manufacturer and depends on the particular batch of material for sewing;
  2. Colours and tincture in the photos posted on the site also usually appear differently. It depends on the settings of each particular monitor, the configuration of the operating system of your computer or mobile device.

Attention! If the below listed recommendations fail to be observed, it is very likely that you can damage the suit and will also receive a refusal for any replacement or return of the goods.

  1. All the "Gorka" suits are to be washed only by hand and, the best, with a use of cleansing substances intended for delicate washing;
  2. Do not use a conditioner or softener when washing!
  3. It is best to wash in cold water (not more than 20°C).

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