Children's suit "Gorka"

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Children's suit "Gorka"

The suit consists of a jacket and trousers.

Basic cut, semi-fitted silhouette jacket with a central side hidden fastener on the loops and buttons, with a hood. Shelves with trim finishing fabric coquette. Slit pockets with flap are located below the waistline. The back is completely cut with a trim finishing fabric yoke. Along the waistline the backs and shelves are located rocker. Low jackets are made of fabric and fabric finishing with a cord and retainers inserted into it to adjust the jacket width.

Long sleeves consist of two parts: the upper part of the main fabric with the elbow and the lower part is made of finishing fabric. Bottom sleeves have an elastic.

The stitched hood consists of the side and central parts, with a visor. There is the lace and lock for adjustment on the front cutout hood. The hood is buttoned with a loop and a button.

Pants consist of front, back and bottom. Belt stitched on an elastic band, with a front insert. Drawstring is pulled inside the belt. The front pants halves with knee pads and side pockets. Rear halves with amplifiers in the upper part. Bottom pants with an elastic band.

DENSITY: 270 g/m2
COMPOSITION:100% cotton.

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