Cloak Tent "Permyachka" 6SH120

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Cloak Tent "Permyachka" 6SH120

The universal shelter is included in the Barmitsa 6B30, Barmitsa-M1 outfits 6B30, Permyachka-M 6B49.


The universal shelter is intended for military personnel protection from precipitation and wind. Shelter 6SH120 is used as a single tent, awning, stretcher to carry the wounded or property. It’s required connecting 2 shelters in order to create a four-person tent.


Shelter is a dense synthetic waterproof canvas. There are slings, half-rings, velcro, quickdraws and handles along the perimeter. Foldable into a compact cushion measuring 36 by 29 cm.





Four-seater tent.

1) Connect two shelters with longitudinal sides.

2) Install the rack height of 1.1 m at a distance of 2.5 m.

3) Put on one shelter pockets at the junction on the rack.

4) Stretch the longitudinal stretch from pockets with racks.

5) Fasten the shelters edges with the pins while forming tent’s side walls.

6) Dock two shelters with the longitudinal sides to the docked shelters transverse sides.

7) Fix the shelters edges while using pin poles, hereby forming the tent’s end walls.

8) Fasten the docked shelters edges with braces.


Single tent.

1) Install the rack height of 0.65 m. at a distance of 1.9m.

2) Put the pockets on the rack.

3) Stretch the longitudinal stretch from pockets with racks.

4) Fasten cover edges with pin poles.



1) Lay the shelter handles down.

2)Bend part of the shelter without a packing cover along the handles’ transverse side.

3) Bend the shelter in half along the longitudinal side.

4) Use the cover as a pillow.

Dimensions: 2,8 m. x 1,65 m.

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