Tactical vest "SMERSH" AK

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Tactical vest "SMERSH" AK

The set is designed for extensive portage of ammunition over cross-country terrain as well as for portage of signaling means and communication gear, medication, daily food ration, martial cloak and engineering weapons.

"SMERSH" AK scope of supply:

  1. Belt RS-31 — 1 pc.
  2. Soft belt "SMERSH" — 1 pc.
  3. Straps "SMERSH" — 1 pc.
  4. 4АК-2RG-2RSP pouch with a textile closure — 2 pcs.
  5. Pouch for IPP or First aid KIT — 1 pc.
  6. Ambulance box bag — 1 pc.

The comfort at vest wearing is reached through weapons and the gear location in the area of center of mass of a moving person that is at sides and low back – such a placement allows Commando crawl and does not impede breathing. For weapons and gear location the set comprises: two bags for 8 magazines to 7.62 automated AK and four hand-grenades (F-1, RGD-5, RGO - hand-grenade defensive, RGN - fragmentation hand-grenade) and 4 rocket signal or lighting cartridges, a bag for a tourniquet, anesthetic, first-aid dressing kit, small combat backpack.

To exclude clinging of the magazine studs onto the fabric and to render stiffness to the pocket the front and the back sides of the pockets are planked with a 1mm plastic. The bottom and the flaps of the pockets are reinforced from inside with a second layer of a dense wear-resistant texture, the pocket flaps are of closed-type to ensure protection from soil, moisture and accidental drop-outs of gear when the pocket is unfastened. The flaps close with a combination of snap-fasteners and Velcro with long “tails” made from belt band.

On the top of the magazine bag there are three D-rings to fasten the shoulder straps.

Hand-grenades are to be placed inside the pockets located on the sides of the magazine bags (instead of a grenade, you can wear a greaser, a pack of cigarettes, a dressing kit, etc.) – such an arrangement allows you to rationally distribute the bags around the belt, leaving the stomach free. Pockets for grenades are equipped with special internal loops for primers.

The fixedness of the bags on the belt is achieved by means of a special detachable strap with a length adjustment that connects the magazine bags, as well as a special soft belt worn over the hard belt - the soft belt loops are located between the loops of the magazine bags to let the hard 50 mm - wide waist belt through, the quick-release lock of the system is made of high-strength polymer. The free ends of the belt are fixed with the help of "Velcro" to protect against rubbing, a 5 mm thick insulating shock absorber is placed in the soft belt. To evenly distribute the load between the shoulders and the waist, the waist strap is supported at six points by shoulder straps - the belt loops of the straps are first to pass through the D-rings of the magazine bags, the small combat knapsack (if it hangs on the waist) or the soft belt, and then are to go into the three-slit adjustment buckles, the free ends of the belts are to be hidden under the double-slot buckles and couplings made of rubber bands.

Such rather complicated system of fastening and adjustment provides very reliable fastening of equipment and gear, excluding the "dump" of heavily loaded equipment as well as breakage of fasteners. The straps have soft 10 mm thick polymer inserts and a mesh lining for better shoulder ventilation. The straps are equipped with a chest strap with a quick-release lock made of high-strength polymer, as well as an evacuation loop on the back strap.

Additional gear is fastened to the supporting shoulder straps by the PALS (MOLLE) attachment or hooks (clips) of the ALICE system. A small combat backpack (SPP) has two compartments - the main one and the flap, the main compartment may hold engineering ammunition, a small food ration, a filter for water purification, a light sleeping bag, etc. The pocket in the flap is fastened with the Velcro closure, the tube of the main compartment is tightened by a cord with a spring-loaded lock and is closed by a flap fastened to quick-release locks made of high-strength polymer. The back wall of the SPP is equipped with slings for fastening on the belt and a band for detachable hook-clips (clips) of the ALICE system. These hooks allow to fix an ambulance box bag onto the backpack.

A small combat backpack is mainly carried on the back – to ensure this the set comprises two straps with parachute carbines and adjusting double-slot buckles with which the ambulance bag is fastened to the rings of the shoulder supporting straps. On the bottom of the ambulance box bag, there are two belt loops with three-slot adjusting buckles, by means of which a folded raincoat - tent or heat-insulating mat, individual masking means can be fixed to the ambulance box bag.

All bags included in the kit are equipped with eyelets to discharge the moisture that has got inside (for example, when overcoming water barriers). During the eight-year operational use, the kit has been constantly improved and generally proved itself well for both search and ambush operations as well as a replacement to an attack vest.

Material: 100% polyether 900 gr./m., with an internal polyurethane water-repellent coating.

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