Shoulder straps SMERSH S.I.B.

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Shoulder straps SMERSH S.I.B.

This is to present to your attention a special modification of shoulder straps SMERSH of S.I.B. version. These shoulder straps have a number of design features mandatory for use with particular types of additional gear.

Although being an important element of a discharge system, standard shoulder straps are not uncommon to obstruct use of additional gear clashing with rucksack straps, shoulder ties of bulletproof vests, gun belts etc. For instance, it is well known that location of shoulder straps over a bulletproof vest makes all the gear larger and more massive restraining movements, driving or mobility in narrow spaces. At the same time, a belt supported by shoulder straps remains one of the most comfortable platforms to accommodate pouches, guns and other gear.

For those who often carry bulletproof vests, plate-carriers and large rucksacks, but at the same time do not want to refuse from gear placement on the waist belt, the SSO Company has designed a special modification of shoulder straps Smersh-S.I.B.

The straps are designed for wear under the bulletproof vest or in combination with developed straps of a large rucksack. The main material of the straps in the shoulder area is wide (80mm) polyamide belt band. Being a central element of the ready-to-wear material the band is highly durable and its width is sufficient for comfortable and even load distribution over the shoulders.

Along with that the straps thickness is just 3 mm. The shoulder elements have no outstanding elements or any unevenness – anything that may impede comfortable wear of the straps over the bulletproof vest or thick rucksack straps. In the front part each of the shoulder elements transfers to a supporting 25mm wide double strap. Two similar supporting straps come down from the back element to the waist belt. Thus the waist belt is supported at six points at the same time. The supporting straps are equipped with a steel sliding buckle. Polyamide waist band, forming the shoulder part of the straps has a fine, coarse-grained texture which eliminates sliding of the equipment at the same time prevents rubbing over the body.

The low cost of the straps allows to own them as a spare element to the main straps of the discharge system replacing them by the others when necessary.

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