Sniper coat "Ghost"

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Sniper coat "Ghost"

Probably every person, even a little interested in military affairs, is familiar with the "shaggy" sniper suit. This camouflage type remains rather effective and demanded in a professional environment. However, a full sniper "shaggy" suit (jacket and pants or overalls) has significant weight and dimensions while being assembled for travel. It’s difficult to wear such suit during the hot time period. There are lots of cases when it’s sufficient to have just the top (jacket) of the "shaggy" suit for the effective camouflage.

The suit part, turned to the ground while crawling and lying, does not participate in the masking process.

A "sniper coat" which combines all the classic shaggy sniper suit advantages and considering all the features mentioned above in such equipment use has been successfully crated later. The coat is a base made of blended fabric (50% cotton/50% polyester) in the vest form having an elongated, covering sides, back with a lower cut just below the gluteal region with short sleeves to the elbows, hood and without a chest.

The coat is fixed on the torso by two closed horizontal fastex buckles in the upper chest. If the chest vest section is absent, for more tight fit and sleeves front part adherence to the body, bindings of the rubberized cord with plastic clamps pass along the edges of the right and left upper front sections of the coat.

The right and left thirds of the deep hood are made of thin mesh fabric and the central section is made of the same mixed fabric for better ventilation. The hood is removable and is attached to the coat with eleven opening hinges with adhesive tape for the corresponding plastic hinges.

The entire outer coat and hood side is covered with sewn wide grid cells. The grid is based on 8 mm synthetic dark orange ribbon. The square cells formed by the mesh have a size of 60x60 mm. The cell size can be called optimal for further patchwork tissue masking components, natural vegetation elements and other camouflaging agents interweaving.

Thus, the user, using suitable materials and appropriate vegetation terrain, can form a lightweight sniper camouflage for themselves and for specific use terms for a short time period while using a sniper coat, as a basis. In this case, the coat weighs a little, takes up little space in the backpack, is well ventilated, does not prevent the unloading systems creeping and wearing.

Even the most insignificant, in scale, trial tests showed the high sniper coat efficiency modified in accordance with the Central European vegetation terms in the middle of the summer season.

Composition: RIP-Stop

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