Shoulders straps PLSE MOLLE #2

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Shoulders straps PLSE MOLLE #2

The present modification of shoulder straps has a special a bit “flattened’ profile that significantly facilitates the use of the straps with rucksacks and bullet-proof vests. The straps are compatible with all the belts including those produced by Special Operation Forces.

The straps have six fixation points for the belt and are fully adjustable at height and length. On the back part where the straps come together they form a small load platform sewn on with a mesh base for better back ventilation. On top of that platform, close to the neck of its carrier, there is a recovery loop convenient as well for a gloved hand. Below that come three horizontal MOLLE bands separated by an even interval of 5 fully-featured cells on each of them. In the shoulder area the left and the right straps have flat loops, unfastening with a Velcro closure, allowing fixation of straps of a small backpack, a hose of the back hydrator-flask or any other equipment. At the front part both straps have seven horizontal MOLLE bands placed one after another at even intervals having two cells each. The band is 90mm wide. At the lower part both bands have also a D-ring for fixing a variety of elements.

In its front part the straps are equipped with an adjustable chest clamp band with a fastex buckle. This product is highly functional and has an attractive up-to-date look

Material: 100% polyester.

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