MOLLE Chest plate

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MOLLE Chest plate

We present to your attention a compact modular chest plate with a fixture system to hold equipment and gear of PALS/MOLLE standard. The chest plate serves for carrying the minimal set of gear in cases of no need in a large number of supplies and equipment, convenience at movements and mobility being its most important factor. It may be of special interest for drivers, pilots of flying machines, motorcyclists, soldiers involved in patrolling, field medical workers and doctors, officers of emergency-rescue services etc. The chest plate may also be of interest for hunters, extreme-sports lovers, cyclists and hikers who prefer having everything at hand.

The chest plate is made of wear-resistant synthetic fabric Cordon of 500 Den and tight straps of 20, 25 and 50mm wide. It is equipped with polyamide and metallic fixings

The chest plate is a flat rectangular panel of 330*140mm equipped with 5 horizontal bands of MOLLE fixation standard. The chest plate panel has a small turned-in end in the lower horizontal part, that fixes with Velcro closures, when turned out the chest plate becomes slightly bigger 330*190mm adding to it another two MOLLE horizontal bands. Each MOLLE band of the chest plate goes round along its width and accounts for eight standard MOLLE cells. In its upper part the chest plate has four fastex buckles: two in the front and two on the sides. The fastex closures are to fix the system of light-weight shoulder straps adjusted with metal adjustment buckles. The base of the straps is of 25mm width and the shoulder areas are made of 50mm band. In their front part the shoulder straps have three vertical MOLLE cells for holding light-weight equipment. The shoulder straps of the chest plate do not cross on the back, but are joint with a horizontal element (so called “husky” system). This system provides more efficiency for weight and loads distribution, does not compress the spine and does not restrain movements. In the lower part of the chest plate on its sides there are two other fastex buckles holding an adjustable 25mm belt enveloping the waist.

In its upper part the chest plate has an in-built flat pocket covered by a Velcro closure. The pocket is of the same size as the chest plate. For easy opening of the pocket, the upper part of the chest plate has sewn on small leads made of 25mm band.

For a more comfortable and rational element fixation on the chest plate the horizontal MOLLE bands are sewn on vertically at a stretch in a row. With that 20mm bands interleave the 25mm bands. Such tolerance, along with the MOLLE reliable fixation, allows easier and faster installation and discharge of the modular elements.

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