Absober MOLLE on buttstock

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Absober MOLLE on buttstock

This quite simple and convenient device is excellent for allocation of light weapons of additional pouches at buttstock, for instance a spare magazine with a few cartridges, first aid dressing cartridges, weapon spare parts kits etc. Apart from that, the cheek covering the upper part of the stock protects it from hits or damages providing the better buttstock contact with the chin.

The cheek is accomplished from durable slide-proof material and is filled with thin foam material.The product presents a platform with a standard PALS / MOLLE counterpart, fixed at the stock of a shooter. On the outer surface of the cheek, vertically, bending it on both sides, pass two MOLLE bands, with an equal interval between them. Thus, each side of the cheek allows for a small Molle pouch to be fixed. For instance, pouch 1 AKM RADE MOLLE attached to the cheek, allows you to keep on the AK buttstock one additional loaded magazine while the PPI MOLLE pouch provides instant access to the hemostatic harness or bandage located on the buttstock.

Due to the location of MOLLE cells on both sidesthe cheek is equally convenient for use at shooting from the left or the right shoulder. There are six grommets on each side at the edge. The cheek fixes to the buttstock with an endurable rubberized cord interwining round the lower comb and the back plate of the buttstock. The thickness of the cord is minimal and does not impede proper leveling from the stock back plate. The cheek grommets closest to the buttstock back plate are made of a larger size for more convenient passing of the cord ends. The ends of the cord are to be fixed with a polyamide stopper-lock after the cheek is placed on the stock. Thus the whole system is adjustable and the cheek may be additionally tightened at any moment. Some grommets may be partly covered by the MOLLE bands located over them. Nevertheless this does not impede the normal fixing of the cheek on the buttstock, in case this is to be done not so often.

The product, installed on the buttstock with an even top comb fixes quite tightly, does not move and holds steadily even with a fixed magazine to an AK automatic rifle.

Material: 100% polyester.

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