Helmet Flashlight FSS-014 "Ratnik"

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Helmet Flashlight FSS-014 "Ratnik"

The modern army helmet flashlight FSS-014 is used by the Russian army along with Ratnik equipment kit.

The lamp body is made of durable plastic sand colors. The lamp has four brightness modes, the lamp starts to work in the first, the weakest mode while turning on. If necessary, you can switch the lamp color.

The lantern can be placed on a helmet or on equipment with Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment strops with the special mounts help.

The optimum choice for the power structures representatives and active recreation fans.

FSS 0-14 lamp is intended for individual district and objects lighting and also for the light signals giving in various colors.

Ensuring performance within the following conditions:

  • air temperature from -30°С to + 50°С
  • relative air humidity up to 100% at temperature up to + 40°С
  • hoarfrost and dew
  • after cyclic exposure to temperatures from -30°C to + 50°C

The lantern provides:

  • four color options for light emitters (white, blue, green, red)
  • stroboscopic light emitters function
  • four-stage light emitters brightness (power) control
  • the light element choice without turning off

Power source "AA" size battery with the voltage of 1.5 V.

The maximum current consumption is not more than 20 mA.
The continuous operation time from the AA type power source is at least 5.5 hours.
The average failure time is at least 7000 hours.
Lantern weight is not more than 95 grams.

It switches to the maximum brightness mode by double clicking on the switch.
Total modes 4: min, average, max, turbo (if the battery allows).

The mount is intended for a helmet wall thickness of ~ 10 mm, but can be fitted with a hammer while using available tools for a specific wall thickness.

Note: it is necessary to bend only the steel helmet fastener part, pre-detach the plastic lining.

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