Helmet "ZSH-1-2m" (replica)

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Helmet "ZSH-1-2m" (replica)

This replica (helmet copy), does not possess ballistic properties!!!
Serves airsoft games.

The helmet dome is made of impact-resistant fiberglass ~ 3-4 mm thick. The visor consists of two layers of durable, transparent plastic. Each layer thickness is 6 mm. The optical visor properties provide a person orientation opportunity in space while wearing the product, but there are optical distortions. The visor provides a wide viewing angle. The basis and fasteners visor - steel. The mounting system visor allows a small vertical oscillations amplitude.

Undercrowned space consists of a polyurethane foam lining and a suspension system similar to the original, due to which the internal helmet volume is adjusted to the head size.


  • Production material - fiberglass (accessories - steel, polymer);
  • Fixed on the chin with a strap on the clasp. The strap covers the chin from above and below for better helmet fixation on the head;
  • Protects the entire head (the actual coverage depends on the head size);
  • Universal size.

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