Helmet "Maska SH 1" Tachanka Edition (replica)

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Helmet "Maska SH 1" Tachanka Edition (replica)

This replica (helmet copy), does not possess ballistic properties!!!
Serves airsoft games.

Helmet "Maska SH 1" Tachanka Edition replica, which modification is better known as "Tachanka" from Rainbow Six Siege game.

The helmet dome is made of ~ 3-4 mm thick fiberglass. The visor is made of solid sheet steel with a thickness of ~ 2 mm. There is a viewing slot in the visors’ eye area (we recommend wearing a helmet together with goggles).

Undercrowned space consists of a leather collar, soft polyurethane cap and straps while fixing the helmet on the head.

The helmet reliably protects the head from flying balls, splinters and light strikes against hard objects during the game.


  • Production material - fiberglass, steel;
  • Fixed on the chin with a fastener strap. The strap covers the chin from above and below for better helmet fixation on the head;
  • Protects the entire head, face (the actual coverage depends on the head size;
  • Universal size. Fits most head sizes.

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