Helmet "LSHZ-2DTM Volcano" (replica)

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Helmet "LSHZ-2DTM Volcano" (replica)

This replica (helmet copy), does not possess ballistic properties!!!
Serves airsoft games.

The helmet body is made of impact-resistant fiberglass. All hinged accessories are made of metal. The helmet has NVD mount in the front and a RIS rail on the right of the helmet for mounting a flashlight and other devices. Tthe back part has velcro for attaching patches or a counterweight.


  • The helmet visor is made of Plexiglas and consists of two parts. One glass is 6mm while another one is 8mm. The visor is fixed in the lower or moving position. The visor is removed from the helmet in the upper position. The latch is spring loaded and is located on the left of the helmet;
  • The cap comforter consists of a polyurethane foam cap and belts.

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