Helmet "Altyn" with radio (replica)

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Helmet "Altyn" with radio (replica)

This replica (helmet copy), does not possess ballistic properties!!!
Serves airsoft games.

The helmet effectively protects both head and face from flying balls and fragments, while sitting comfortably on the head and the visor's head provides a wide viewing angle.

The helmet dome is made of 8 mm fiberglass while the visor is made of steel (1.5 mm thick) and the visor glass is made of 4 mm optical polycarbonate sheet. The visor is fixed in two positions: open and closed. The helmet is radioactive, compatible with popular radio stations from Kenwood and Baofeng. The helmet edges are covered with rubber edging.

The helmet suspension consists of a polyurethane foam "cap", covered with a cloth + suspension from a sling with a chin cup.

Helmet "Altyn" was developed in the USSR, based on the military and law enforcement special forces needs. Special Forces needed a helmet with enhanced protection, which would differ in protective and other characteristics from general military helmets.

While creating the helmet, the Research Institute of Steel specialists relied on Tig" PSH-77 helmet features design". The first helmet versions have being finalized by the KGB officers (who first got it into service). Later Altyn was baptizedin Afghanistan and Chechen companies. Today it is used by some Ministry of Internal Affairs units.

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