Helmet 6B47 "Ratnik" with cover (replica)

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Helmet 6B47 "Ratnik" with cover (replica)

The current replica (a helmet copy), does not possess ballistic properties!!!
Intended for airsoft games.

About the original

6b47 helmet was adopted in 2014. Intended for use in a combat equipment set as the armor protection means for motorized rifle troops and airborne troops servicemen while conducting all hostilities types, including during the parachute landing and landing in the amphibious assault. Joined the combat equipment set "Ratnik".

Model features

6b47 is a single helmet for all armed forces branches. The newest and most modern helmet of the Russian Armed Forces as well as the most «non-eared» helmet, while wearing 6b47 you will not look like a mushroom, while there will be a place for an active headset. The massive helmet 6b47 was shown at the parade on May 9, 2015. Helmet 6b47 was produced in two types, with a front mount and side plate, as well as without them.

Replica material

Shockproof multi-layer fiberglass (real helmets are made while using similar technology with the special Kevlar/Aramid/Tauron fabric). This helmet will protect your head from hitting by a heavy object without critical damage to the helmet itself.


The original helmet matrix has been fixed and replicas have already been made, therefore the helmet dome is 100% identical to the original.

Suspension system

Suspended replicas have been copied, ORIGINAL metal fittings (buckles) and cotton straps are used the similar way as in the original. The strap color depends on the helmet model as well as in the original, light in 6b28 and 6b27 helmets, dark in 6b7-1m and 6b47 models.

Small width cotton straps belt system provides excellent ventilation between the head and the helmet dome. It allows to easily adjust the depth size and head circumference within the range from 50cm to 60cm.

Weight info

Relatively small weight equal to 700 grams (original helmet weighs 1100 grams) allows to comfortably wear a helmet for unlimited time. It is harmful for health to wear a weight of more than 1 kg on the head without training since there is a strain on the neck and spine.

Fasteners info

The current fasteners are made of plastic and are decorative. These fasteners 100% copy the original aluminum fastener size and shape.

Differences from Chinese helmets

Our replica helmet will never lose its entire structure and can be used in any condition due to the multilayer fibrous material interlacing. Such helmets burst into pieces and the helmet can’t be used further unlike Chinese plastic molded helmets. The suspension system with pillows prevents ventilation since the head is tightly pressed against the large area pillows and air flows places are too small.

Weight: 650 grams.
Material: fiberglass
Size: Adjustable for head size from 50 cm to 60 cm.

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