Active headphones GSSH-01 6M2 "Ratnik"

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Active headphones GSSH-01 6M2 "Ratnik"

Modern headset able to perform the active hearing protection function as well as provide communication functions.

The current headset is included in the "Ratnik" equipment set and can suppress noise level up to 115 dB. Protect the hearing organs from acoustic shocks effects (various shots and explosions). Headphones can enhance quiet sounds.

Headphones GSSH-01 6M2 "Ratnik" function within the following conditions:

  • Temperature range from -30 to +55 degrees
  • Air humidity up to 98% (if the temperature is 35 degrees)
  • Acoustic noise up to 115 dB

Headphones function within the frequency range from 300 to 7000 Hz.

Efficiency is provided by AA type batteries. Continuous work from AA elements till 24 o'clock.

The overall headset operation ability is more than 5000 hours.

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