Bodyarmor 6B46 "RATNIK" (replica)

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Bodyarmor 6B46 "RATNIK" (replica)

This replica (bodyarmor copy), does not possess ballistic properties!!!
Serves airsoft games.

Plates-free body armor. The possibility of installing plates - is

An original info

The protective bib is intended to: protect the vital organs of the mountain units personnel of ground troops, Airborne Forces, coastal troops of the Navy and special forces from bullets hit by small arms ammunition, shell fragments (mines, grenades) and cold weapons; transport equipment in difficult conditions - mountain (including highlands), mountain-desert, mountain-wooded areas with the combat missions duration of at least three days, including at least 24 hours with continuous wear. Included in the "Ratnyk" combat equipment. There are two options with both wide and narrow shoulders. The initial option with narrow shoulders is currently discontinued.

Construction description

The 6b46 bib replica consists of the front, dorsal parts interconnected by broad shoulders with a polyurethane foam filler to ensure more comfortable wearing. All parts have a mall fastening pouch system. The front, the main part has an external pocket and an internal pocket to access the plate and protective screens placement (there are foam inserts installed in the replica). The back part also has a large pocket divided into two parts, for placing plates, a protective screen, or (drinking system) hydrator. The inner sections part has removable CAPA (climatic shock-absorbing supports) made in the vertical strips form providing a reduction in the contusion (overgraduate) impact (in the original), as well as old-flight space ventilation. Adjustment is carried out while using three wide belts through adjusting buckles (fastex). This body armor/bib does not have the sizes line, just like most unloading vests.


6b46 body armor replica has a weight of just 1 kg

Copy number variation.

It copies the combat original as much as possible; all sizes and pockets correspond to the combat product. It’s possible to easily insert the original protection in replica.

Replica material

Fabric art. 04c27 "Mogotex" is the main fabric for body armor. It’s Cordura 1000D foreign fabric analogue. Mogotex fabric has successfully passed through all severe state tests and was adopted by the Russian Armed Forces for all equipment types sewing for the military. The decade testing experience in real combat conditions confirms excellent quality, strength and durability.


This is not just an empty case, but rather a case with a filling with 1cm thick polyurethane foam inside, which provides body armor with both certain shape and volume.

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