Autonomous heat sources "AIST" (6U43) "Ratnik"

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Autonomous heat sources "AIST" (6U43) "Ratnik"

Autonomous heat sources "AIST" - individual disposable heaters.

The 6U43 package includes 6 pieces:

- 4 pieces with the size 5x9 cm (AIST 2)
The duration of AIST-2 is not less than 5 hours.

- 2 pieces with the size 10x11 cm (AIST 1)
The AIST-1 operation duration is not less than 11 hours.

The atomic heat source is a hermetically packed bag of soft material, inside of which there is an exothermic iron powder, salt and water-holding composition mixture. It is heated while reaching a temperature of 45-55°C when removed from a sealed package in 3-10 minutes. Heat is released due to powder oxidation with oxygen in the air.

Autonomous heat source "AIST" is used to warm a person in the cold. Warmers can be placed in the inner clothes, mittens, sleeping bags pockets. Used in the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Ministry of Defense, MW.

6U43 kit heaters can be used to protect electronic devices from low temperatures (the atomic heat source life in the cold increases 2.5 to 3 times).

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