Russian watches VOSTOK Komandirskie "Tank Troops" (921306)

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Russian watches VOSTOK Komandirskie "Tank Troops" (921306)

Komandirskie wrist watches are a living legend, a watch which has become both Soviet Union and Russia symbol, like a Kalashnikov rifle or a matryoshka doll.

These are the watches you take on a camping trip, a gym or on a fishing trip. Komandirskie is workers watches, ready to accompany their owner anywhere. You always have an opportunity to buy another one even if the worst happens.

Exceptionally masculine, weighty, even slightly rough design makes Komandirskie wrist watches unique.

100 grams of cool metal on the wrist create a feeling of confidence and masculinity. Komandirskie watches are beautiful and unique in their ultimate functionality. But this is masculine beauty.

Don’t worry about Komandirskie watches accuracy and reliability since they are one of the few truly military watches. Komandirskie watches together with their owners have visited almost all local conflicts places of the planet.

Komandirskie watches history started in 1965, when the Ministry of Defense of the then Soviet Union ordered a large batch of dust-proof, shock-proof watches for its command personnel from «Vostok» Chistopol Watch Factory.

Everything connected with the military or the special services was prestigious in the Soviet Union. Komandirskie watches while being virtually inaccessible for free sale were always the envy and pride, a symbol of involvement in the harsh military professionals world. These premium watches are given, handed, awarded.

The watchmakers have never moved away from the classical scheme: all watch mechanisms models have a Swiss anchor descent system, steel anchor wheels and forks, support on ruby stones, wind-up clock springs made of special precision alloys and anti-shock balance unit device.

Komandirskie shockproof watches with self-winding provide their masters with comfort and convenience in any, even extreme situations.

Traditions are continued - Vostok Russian watches have become high-precision mechanics model!

Winding hand movement : yes


Mechanism: Vostok 2416B.

Watch case: watch brass.

Coating: chrome.

Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, date.

Stones number: 31.

119800 balance vibrations per hour.

Caliber: 24 mm.

Anti-shock device balance node.

Power reserve: 31 hours.

Case size: 40 mm

Water protection: 3 ATM (30 m).

Glass: organic.

Belt: genuine leather.

Average daily move: -20 ... +60 seconds per day.

The average mechanism service life: 10 years.

Dimensions: 39x39x10 mm

Manufacturer: Chistopolsky chasovoi zavod, Rusko

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