Russian watches VOSTOK Komandirskie "RUSSIA" (439453)

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Russian watches VOSTOK Komandirskie "RUSSIA" (439453)

Mechanical watches, shockproof, waterproof (immersion depth up to 20 m). The watch case is made of high-quality brass, chrome coating. Plexiglass is designed for deep-sea diving and can withstand strong mechanical pressure.


Vostok 2414A mechanism.

Stones amount - 17.

24 mm caliber mechanism with a central second hand.

Anti-shock device balance node.

Case: watch brass.

Watch case: stainless steel.

Coating: chrome.

Organic glass.

Water protection: 2 atmospheres.

The energy reserve of one spring factory is at least 36 hours.

Average daily move: -20 ... +60 seconds per day.

Average mechanism service life is 10 years.

Dimensions:: 39x39x10 mm

Manufacturer: Chistopolsky chasovoi zavod, Rusko

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