Pocket chainsaw

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Pocket chainsaw


The pocket chain saw is made of heat-treated structural steel grade St.65G, which has a high hardness (HRC 40-45), therefore, breakages are extremely rare. The working surface’s protective anticorrosion coating allows sawing wet logs free of efficiency loss and tool damage.


Cutting blade is a divorced teeth, interconnected by rivets on the bicycle chain type. Transverse handles of polystyrene with kapron cords, which are included in the kit are fastened at the saw edges. The handles are inserted loop-the-loop - the cords are inserted into the holes at the end of the loop and wrapped around them for firm handles fixation. If required, the handles can be replaced with branches, tape, thick thread, rope or cable while traveling.


Besides the saw is completed with a small plastic cover for safe transportation in a backpack, bag, belt or unloading system. The tool has high performance and is almost equal to the traditional hand saw. Able to cut quite large logs - about 25 cm by diameter. It has excellent cutting speed.


For example, a pine log with a diameter of 12 cm is sawn by one person in a position from above for 15 seconds (the saw is passed under the log), according to consumer feedback.


What is the way to use a chain pocket saw


We throw a chain pocket saw on the barrel and make translational movements at a slight angle, resulting in the cut, while using handles in order to cut a log. It’s required to cut to bend, the handle should be below the cut surface in order to increase the tool’s contact area working surface with the sawing surface - this greatly increases the operation efficiency and speed.


Saw pocket, as well as traditional, requires attentiveness during operation process. Improper tool use can result in teeth middle sections breakage. The saw must be lubricated enough during operation. Both compactness and low weight allow using the tool even in a single campaign. This is the perfect solution when it’s required to save space. The invention is unique - the usual hand saw or a full-fledged ax take up a lot of space and noticeably weigh down the backpack or bag weight while a small tourist ax can cope just with branches for a fire.


The saw keeps working capacity even without sharpening during a year of active use. Each element has a pair of symmetrical shape teeth, which is convenient for sharpening, since in this case it’s possible to use any file without special tools. It’s possible to easily rivet the saw oneself. Use doesn’t require any special skills. The pocket saw is universal by its applying way. It can be used by one or two people.


It is more convenient to cut together with a person while cutting, when the tool is on top, and the tree is below. The tool use by just one person may cause slight distortions and a wedge, since the surface presses on the saw at the cut point. Easy to clean - almost not clogged with sawdust. It’s required cleaning the tool as needed - it is enough to use ordinary toothbrush. It has a large contact cutting edges patch which greatly increases the operation efficiency. Besides, the design flexibility facilitates penetration and sawing in hard-to-reach places.


There is an assumption that initially the pocket chain saw development was carried out for wearable emergency stocks of the airplanes, helicopters and spacecraft crews, as well as for special forces detachments. The main saw’s goal is to harvest firewood for a fire or barbecue, therefore it is just a necessary tool in long-term special operations or a hike. It folds quickly and easily due to its small size. It can be used for cutting logs of coniferous and hardwood, having a moisture content of 12-50%.




Materials: saw - St.65G, handles - polystyrene, cords - kapron.

Overall length: 100 cm.

Cutting surface length: 71 cm.




- box 48*55*120 mm

- saw

- two handles with cords

- insert with description

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