Raid backpack "Attack 4" 60L

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Raid backpack "Attack 4" 60L

Intended for being used by a serviceman to transport means kit ensuring the combat mission performance in an autonomous mode.

The set placed in the backpack may include: additional ammunition, equipment for the camp (tent, sleeping bag, insulation mat), warm clothing, a change of linen, personal care products, mining equipment, engineering equipment, food supplies, spare communication means.

The property is located in the main compartment with a removable partition, three external pockets, two pockets of the volumetric valve and on the external points attachment. The third pocket is removable and attached to the outer wall while using PALS (MOLLE) system. The soft three-liter water tank fits into a special pocket on the main tank back, which hose is discharged through an opening in the upper back wall part. The main compartment is divided by a removable partition into two parts with two separate entrances. The upper entrance is closed with a tube and a valve with quick-release polymer locks. The bottom entrance is closed with a zipper covered with a plate and quick-release polymeric locks.

A sleeping bag is carried in the lower main compartment part.

Internal valve pockets are close with zippers. Belt is attached with an adjusting buckle for backpack covers fastening inside the valve. Covers are used to mask (deforming or white staining) and protect the backpack from moisture. The tube and the main compartment neck are tightened with cords in the wings.

Four removable loops from a belt tape with adjustment buckles in length are included in the backpack kit for the property fastening on the external attachment points (loops). Hinges provide an opportunity to fasten a folded heat-insulating mat (in a vertical or horizontal position), RPG, RSHG on a backpack. Two special loops are attached in the lower backpack part in order to fasten mountain equipment.

The hanging backpack system consists of an inner frame, two S-shaped shoulder straps and a waist belt with a lumbar cushion. Two dural tires with a thickness of 5 mm and a width of 30 mm serve as the inner frams. Tires are inserted into special belt tape pockets from the inside of the rear wall. Two pillows with damping inserts and mesh lining are attached to the back wall for back protection and ventilation.

Shoulder straps are adjustable in height while using a belt loop of 50 mm wide, fastened to horizontal loops on the back wall of the main tank (between soft pillows). The loop is fastened with a textile velcro fastener. Fitted along the growth straps are additionally tightened with belt straps of 25 mm stitches sewn to the backpack bottom and threaded through steel buckles with three slits sewn to the shoulder straps bottom.

Straps are attached to the straps, with which the top of the main compartment is pulled towards the straps in order to fix the backpack and prevent it from swinging its upper part. Belts are threaded into steel buckles with three slits. A special steel quick lock fastens to the right shoulder strap for quick backpack dumping. Two arm loops are attached to the straps for easy heavily loaded backpack removal. The straps are pitted between each other with a chest strap fastened to the quick-release polymeric lock. To evenly distribute the load on the shoulders, soft pads are inserted into the straps - dampers. A synthetic mesh is attached to the straps and the belt lining in order to prevent overheating. Waist belt has 50 mm width and is fastened with a quick-release polymer lock. The excess belt is inserted into the plastic buckles with two slits.

The belts are fitted to the belt, which are inserted into the steel buckles of the main compartment in order to prevent the lower backpack part from swinging. Belt loops are fasten above side pockets for carbines fastening. The backpack is made of 100% polyester fabric of plain weaving, with a density of 900 g/m2. with polyurethane water-repellent coating. The lower main compartment part is made of 100% polyamide fabric of plain weaving, with a density of 1000 g/m2. with reinforcing thread. All pockets and the main backpack compartment have drainage holes with eyelets at the bottom.

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