Backpack "6B38" RR 60L (Digital Flora)

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Backpack "6B38" RR 60L (Digital Flora)

Forms set of the combat gear 6B38

MOLLE fixture.60 liters. Two mask cases. Bottom access. Positive floating up to 30kgs.

РRaiding rucksacks are designed for long hiking walks. Traditionally, the construction of the rucksack comprises fast-detachable pockets which may be used separately from the rucksack.

The present raiding rucksack is designed to meet the needs of the Russian Military Forces and offers a wide range of values and advantages. It is fit for arms and armaments, personal belongings and means of individual armored protection. The present rucksack also allows carrying the wounded.

Seemly to other types of travel backpacks this product has shoulder and side straps, a belt strap, an upper flap and a basement. The rucksack straps can be adjusted per your height by means of the special system.

The back of the rucksack is ergonomic and provides convenience and comfort while carrying cargoes of up to 50 kilograms (the rucksack has a positive floating at loads up to 30 kgs).

The outer part of the rucksack has a number of adjustable straps and cells designated for fixation of additional equipment elements. The outer parts can be used to carry touristic mats and sleeping bags.

The iron canvas provides for the durability of the rucksack.

The rucksack will suit perfectly well for combat missions accomplishments (including those held within frameworks of military tactical games) as well as for long hiking walks.

Material: 100% polyester.

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