Assault backpack "Bober-M" 25L (Olive)

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Assault Backpack "Bober-M" 25L (Olive)

The backpack with a total volume of 25 liters, has a wide application scope, including it is excellent for quick assault and rescue operations while providing quick access to the contents and having a small size.

"Bober-M" has a classic modern design with a semicircular top and a rectangular base. The product is characterized by high strength and well-thought-out design.

The backpack has a main compartment, closed by a strong double-sided polyamide zipper, protected by a double fabric layer. The main compartment opens to two-thirds of its volume with the full lightning disclosure which is convenient and efficient for any active actions. There is a large pocket adjacent to the dorsal panel and closed with two velcro locks (to the full height of the backpack) inside the main compartment. It is convenient to transport folders, maps, laptop and other flat dimensional items in this pocket. In addition, it is able to accommodate a flask-hydrator with a capacity of up to three liters, if required. In the latter case, the hydrator hose is displayed on any backpack strap through a special hole with a valve. Besides there is a small flat pocket of mesh fabric, closed with a polyamide zipper in the main compartment, on the inside of the front wall, in its upper part. It is convenient for documents storage and small property.

The main compartment bottom has two grommets for water flow. There is a large compartment pocket, the height is almost equal to the main backpack compartment above the main compartment, when viewed from the front. This large pocket is also closed by a double-sided polyamide zipper, which has a protective two layers strap. Zipper allows to unbutton your pocket in half while providing an access to all of its volume. There is a sewn toilet bag with three small pockets for small items, cells for stationery and a separate pocket for a small radio station or navigation device in the lower compartment-pocket part. There is a grommet for water flow on the pocket bottom.

There is a special folding mounting platform, which in its dimensions repeats the pocket itself on the front backpack side, above the described compartment-pocket. It is designed for securing and carrying oversized cargo (weapons, entrenching tools, armor helmets, etc.). The platform in its lower part is permanently attached to the backpack bottom with durable polyamide lines pair while forming a square hole between the body and the platform for threading lengthy load parts to be fixed (automatic barrel, spade handle, etc.). The platform is combined with a backpack with small walls of durable mesh fabric in the lower third of its height while forming a kind of niche for placing, for example, clothing items. The platform itself is firmly fixed on the backpack with two adjustable straps with fastex-locks at the backpack top and four adjustable straps with fastex (they are also side slings for the entire backpack), with a pair of pieces on the right and left. There is a pair of sewn vertical lines with cells (10 cells in each), equipped with two straps that are rearranged in the cells for reliable goods fixation, under the platform, on the front pocket-compartment side. There is also a strong metal double-click buckle for a 40 mm line in the above-mentioned square hole, in the lower platform part, which provides the user with an opportunity to perform additional actions on securing and fixing wearable oversized loads.

Located along a deep open pocket, including serving for the long objects location worn outside the backpack, additionally fixed by the already mentioned lateral ties on the right and left backpack sides, along the lower third of its height. Side pockets are fitted with eyelets at their bottom. There are three elastic panels, closed with a soft and durable ventilating mesh behind the backpack. Two upper ones are arranged vertically, to the right and left of the back center while allowing air to circulate freely. There is a channel with fastening elements for a developed removable belt under the central bottom panel, which rests on the sacrum. The right and left belt halves also have soft mesh panels touching the user's body. It turns into a solid 50 mm sling with fixing buckle in the front of the belt.

The backpack is hold on the back with two adjustable S-shaped soft webbing with the same ventilation grid inner surface. The straps are reinforced with durable polyamide slings while being connected at the backpack bottom with the same retractable slings, steel buckles, self-resetting. The backpack is insured by a durable, adjustable in size and height, chest buckle on a fastex fastener from loss and slipping from the user's back. On the outer shoulder straps side there are steel half-rings for fastening small equipment and additional sewn elements from the lines for the drinking system hose fixation. The hose is removed from the main compartment through a hidden valve at the backpack top, under a large carrying handle. The outer front folding platform surface is provided with the PALS/MOLLE mounting standard counterpart. There are five horizontal lines with 4 full molle cells in each. Another four rows of lines (two cells in a row) are located on the right and left sides of the backpack. There are two slings of eight full molle cells at the backpack bottom. The right and left soft belt parts, from the outside have two horizontal lines, five cells in each.

All zippers for a backpack are equipped with additional durable nylon cord leashes and metal self-dumping straps are covered with elastic rubberized couplings.

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